Kerstin Lindvall

CCRO - ICA Gruppen


Kerstin has worked in ICA for 20+ years and has been at the forefront of ICA Group’s CR strategy since 2010. With overall goals such as having a net-zero climate impact by 2030, Kerstin is responsible for ICA Group meeting these corporate responsibilities.  

According to Financial Times, ICA Gruppen is among the most sustainable retailers in Europe. ICA was the first food retailer in Sweden to set science-based climate targets and was also the first to set the target of reducing climate impact from food purchased by their customers. These initiatives are achieved by both investing in creating the best conditions for their consumers to live more sustainable, and by investing in their own operations to become more sustainable. With Kerstin directing ICA into a more sustainable future, it is safe to say that she is a well-established Scandinavian leader. 

At Retail Insights, Kerstin will use her experience and knowledge to discuss how to amplify sustainability in your supply chain. 


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