Today’s retailers are facing a rapidly changing environment, increasingly due to technological developments. To stay on top, retailers need to trade and capture the full potential of new technologies and implement them through the right strategy. Being able to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid future challenges is crucial for tomorrow’s dealers. Against this background, Retail Insights 2022 will address how companies can prepare for the future. Through inspiring keynotes, panel debates and cases, we provide insight into what activities you need to invest in, what it takes to grow a retail business in 2022, and how you create value for your customers through it.



The first topic will address the streamlining of daily operations, specifically focussing on areas such as technology to improve the in-store experience, and taking advantage of mobile user capability. Furthermore, it will discuss how to amplify sustainability in the supply chain.



The second topic will provide valuable insights on sales and marketing strategies. It will discuss ways to connect with the customer base on a more personal level, as well as the importance of adapting to changes in behaviour and the power of social media in modern marketing.



The third topic will focus on the latest technology within both physical and online shopping as well as e-commerce. This will discuss the customer journey in greater depth and how best it can be optimised, exploring avenues such as personalisation in more detail.



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  • Technology’s crucial role in improving the store experience
  • The rapid transformation in consumer behavior
  • Redefining the store experience

Liam Omeara

VP of Europe

Thomas Nørøxe


Dhi Matiole Nunes


Martin Urrutia

Global Head Innovation & Retail Experience

  • Securing a smooth transition to a sustainable business
  • Create long-term value for stakeholders
  • Meeting your customers expectations

Peder Stedal

Managing Director

Johan Laurell

CEO – Denmark

Signe Frese

CSR Director

Kerstin Lindvall


  • Developing a digital experience that drives you ahead of the curve
  • Adapting to the future of e-commerce
  • Creating a unique hybrid experience of in-person and online shopping

Jesper Boysen


Lars Elsborg 


With foundation-shifting changes to the internet and regulation, DTC is being impacted, making it harder to reach the right buyers, engage them through conversion and incredible customer experiences, and maintain them as long-term loyal fans. In a future with more opportunity for the many, the DTC brands that can create connections to buyers and their brand through every stage of the buying journey are the ones who win.

Birk Angermann

Head of Global Solution Engineering

  • Creating a seamless customer journey across channels
  • How to increase customer accessibility 
  • Pushing the boundaries of what is possible as a hypermarket

Mark H. Nielsen


  • More information to come.

Retail 3.0 means being connected to all customers. The state of the retail industry has changed. It’s become more important than ever to create new connections between physical and digital, to think integrated, and look for new partnerships for the next chapter in retail. Vice President Direct to Consumer at Zalando, Carsten Keller, explains how partnerships like Connected Retail by Zalando enable both small and large physical stores to easily access online orders from millions of customers and grow their business across channels.

Dr. Carsten Keller

VP Direct to Consumer

  • Ensuring a personal connection with your customer
  • Utilizing technologies as a tool for personalization
  • Finding the right balance between technology and humans

Nelli Jeloudar


Andreas von Der Heide


Katrine Lee Larsen

CEO & Founder

Morten Grabowski 


Ian Wisler

CX Expert & Author

  • SoMe marketing as a tool to build new customer relationships
  • Creating a unique brand experience
  • Leveraging new channels for unlocking new customers

Carola Lundell


Sarah Krusell


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  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • The importance of a streamlined customer journey using enhanced web design 
  • Increased flexibility for the customer

Robert Fransgaard

Global Head of Experience Design

Louisa Murray

SVP, Global Head of Enterprise Customers & Partners

Hannah Trinkewitz

Digital Acceleration Lead

Diego Sebastian

Communication, Image & CX Director

  • Marketing strategies & branding
  • Leveraging customer insights
  • Using partnerships when expanding to new markets

Ronni Köhl-Holk

Head of Marketing

Elin Mengarelli Hofmann

Customer Insights Lead

Camilla Lindhardt Bertelsen

Global Insights Specialist

Edward Fowler

Head of Marketing Technology & eCommerce

  • Adapting to your consumers needs in a volatile market environment
  • Engaging with the modern consumer
  • Adapting processes to enhance customer loyalty and retention

Heidi Boye

Country Manager

Kristina Smidstrup


Henrik Lund 


Ganesh Subramanian

Founder & CEO

Liam Omeara

VP of Europe

Tanja Bruun

Head of Brand and Activism

  • Marketing strategies & branding
  • Leveraging customer insights
  • Using partnerships when expanding to new markets

Margaret Larsson (Zagdanska)

CEO Baltics & Nordics

Nikola Maravic

Global Marketing Director

Jasmina Banda

Chief Strategy Officer

Sebastian Suhl


  • Utilizing data to generate a personal image of your customer
  • How to effectively collect insights about customer base
  • Data as a tool to improve customer experience

Thomas Grane


Thomas Staven

Chief Product Officer

Karen Helweg-Larsen

CDO – Denmark

Marianne Lyngby Pedersen


Malene Maarbjerg Rasmussen CMO Kop & Kande

Malene Maarbjerg Rasmussen

Marketing & Omnichannel Director

Mohit Paul

Chief Revenue Officer

With almost 400 physical stores, Thomas operates in an erratic changing environment with quick shifts in customer behavior and digitalization. Thomas will touch upon creating relevance and relations to customers using digital tools, combined with digital tools that enable employees to meet the customer – physically and digitally – in the best possible way.

Thomas Nielsen


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