Today’s retailers are facing a rapidly changing environment, increasingly due to technological developments. To stay on top, retailers need to trade and capture the full potential of new technologies and implement them through the right strategy. Being able to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid future challenges is crucial for tomorrow’s dealers. Against this background, Retail Insights 2021 will address how companies can prepare for the future. Through inspiring keynotes, panel debates and cases, we provide insight into what activities you need to invest in, what it takes to grow a retail business in 2021, and how you create value for your customers through it.



The first topic will address how tech contributes to the optimisation of purchasing processes and inventory management. Furthermore, this topic delves into how to ensure recycling of raw materials, as well as which geopolitical conditions that will promote Danish production.



The second topic will deal with Marketing and Sales. Here, future SoMe trends, Omnichannel and E-commerce will be debated. Top executives will pass on their knowledge to the leaders of the future and examine how sustainability affects consumer behaviour.



The third topic will explore the latest technology in online live shopping and technology in physical stores. Additionally, it will be investigated whether Corona has changed consumer behaviour. Lastly, it will be discussed how you can give your customers the best possible experience on all fronts.



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Grab some breakfast and network with over 1000 other profiles from the retail industry

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Patrick Söderström

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Henrik Lund



Heidi Boye

Country Manager

Too Good To Go

Katrine Lee Larsen

CEO & Founder

Copenhagen Cartel

Hear about the latest research in retail from Signe Madsen and Hanne Mølbak. What will the retail store of the future look like and how can you use technology such as Eye tracking to design and build future physical stores in collaboration with webshops. It will subsequently be possible to visit PhD Hanne Mølbak’s stand where you can try Eye tracking.

Speakers soon to be announced

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The retail industry is always evolving and creating new customer experiences that are memorable and unique. Businesses differ through technological solutions to appeal to their consumers in innovative ways. Learn how Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are set to completely change the shopping experience and change the market the same way the internet did.

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In the panel debate Omnichannel, you will learn from the country’s top managers how your company creates a cohesive experience across all communication channels – physical stores, social media, webshops, mobile apps and catalogs. Omnichannel can ensure your company a better knowledge of your current customers and potential customers. The panel debate will consist of i.a. Michael Bech, CEO of Humac, Humac are experts in creating interplay between the physical store and the webshop. Marianne Lyndby Pedersen, CEO of Indeks Retail who, among other things, owns the chain Bog & Ide. Malene Maarbjerg Rasmussen, CMO in the Kop & Kande chain, which has more than 100 stores in Denmark, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Marianna Lyngby Pedersen


Indeks Retail A/S

Malene Maarbjerg Rasmussen


Kop & Kande

Ian Wisler, who has written countless textbooks about the customer experience and previously worked for tivoli, talks about how to take responsibility for the customer experience.

Ian Wisler

CX Ekspert & Forfatter

To be announced

Consumers place higher demands on the sustainability of the retail industry. The company SPOOR has created a solution as the first in the world where you can track the leather they sell to the textile industry and thereby present stories based on data. SPOOR supplies leather to the company Roccamore, which means that their customers know for sure that the animals have really had a good life. Hear SPOOR´’s director Birgitte Langer give a case presentation with one of their customers and get an insight into a future where the consumer has total transparency and companies also become targets for sustainability as a KPI.

Birgitte Holgaard Langer

Business Development Director


How can technological solutions make a difference for the retail industry? Gain insight into how some of the country’s largest companies and most innovative start-ups use technology to optimize operations and the customer experience at the same time. In the panel, Sunset CEO Jens Broch, founder of Service Lovers Christian Brauer who has customers like Jack & Jones, Baby Sam and Skousen and entrepreneur Morten Møgelmose who creates easy digital solutions for clothing shopping via his company Zliide will give their views on how we use technological solutions in retail.

Jens Broch


Sunset Boulevard

Christian Brauner

Founder & MD


Morten Møgelmose

CEO & Co-Founder


Facebook and Instagram marketing are impossible to get around when a business needs to connect with consumers. Get an insight into new options such as TikTok, which can be both a cheaper and more efficient way to connect with its consumers.

Henrik Akselbo

CEO & Co-Founder

Bloggers Delight

Christian Sveigaard

Marketing & Sponsorship Director

Carlsberg Group

Malene Priebe Hold

Head of TikTok


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Meet the entrepreneurs Joachim Latocha founder and CEO of the shirt company Barons, Jon Andersen Founder and CEO of State Energy and Co-Founder of the watch company About Vintage Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen. They tell about their journey from start up to success and give good advice to the entrepreneurs of the future.

Joachim Latocha



Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen


About Vintage

Jon Andersen



Speakers soon to be announced

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